EcoSpirituality & Shamanism

Ecospirituality is an approach to a spiritual belief that celebrates humanity's connection to the natural world and the sacredness of the earth. It is influenced by the ideas of deep ecology which is characterized by "recognition of the inherent value of all living beings” and the use of this view in shaping “environmental policies“. Ecospirituality in driven by the idea that humans are not somehow separate from the rest of creation. Ideology is that the Divine is the source of creation and an ongoing part of it. We are not separate from nature. We do not own nature exclusively for our own gain. We act as wise stewards of the natural world. We interact with the Divine daily through the natural world.

Ecospirituality is a core aspect of shamanism, emphasizing the inseparable relationship between spiritual well-being and ecological health. Shamans recognize that the health of the planet is intricately linked to the well-being of all living beings, including humans. 

Celtic Shamanism

The term “Celtic Shamanism” is the study of the spiritual practices of the ancient peoples of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and parts of England.  The term "shaman" is a being who enters the spirit world to obtain healing and gain wisdom for a person or community (which is not Celtic in nature). In the Celtic culture, there is not just one word (or name) to describe the wide range work that would fall under the "shaman archetype", so for simplicity, the use of "shaman" is applied for modern day association. In this tradition, there is a huge range of roles that both the Celtic men and women encompass to support their communities. These would be traditionally referred to as "ban feasa" (woman of knowledge) or "ban leighis" (woman of healing) could provide remedies and healing rituals, as well as cast out demons and break spells, and embody the voices of the sacred wells.  As well as those who followed the "creideamh si" (faery faith) and were also known as wise wives or faery doctors, whose healing work was inspired by and devoted to the Fae. Finally, the "ban chaointe" or keening woman was the one entrusted with the proper commissioning of souls to the spirit world, what we term in core shamanism, as the psychopomp.